About Dr. Anderson

Mark E. anderson M.D.I am a Board-Certified Neurosurgeon who has been in solo clinical practice in Orange County, California for 31 years. I provide a full spectrum of Neurosurgical and Spinal Surgical Procedures. My clinical focus is on complex spine casework and specifically reconstructive techniques. I have been affiliated with Trauma and Spinal Cord Injury Centers. Adult Cervical and Lumbar Disc and Degenerative Disorders, Stenosis, Congenital Anomalies, Tumor, Trauma, Instability, and previously operated cases are my most common diagnosis. Cervical and Lumbar Laminectomy, Fusion, Anterior and Posterior Instrumentation and Implants, Microsurgery, and Peripheral Nerve Decompressions are my most common procedures.

I work for patients not Insurance companies. I trained at Stanford University Medical Center Department of Neurosurgery and am affiliated with several local hospitals and am active in medical device design.

CV Upon Request